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Which Social Media Accounts Does My Startup Need

It's easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to deciding which social media platforms should be your priority when launching your business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the list keeps growing by the day, it seems.

And while so many options exist, be careful adopting the "I need everything" model. It's true that your startup will be long-behind if it totally neglects social platforms. However, starting and managing various social media accounts in a meaningful, impactful and interactive way is time-consuming (but necessary)!

So, which platforms should I focus on? Answer: It depends! Lets look at the top four and where you should begin...

Facebook - almost everyone you can think of has a Facebook account. It may be the easiest way to connect to individuals and interact with customers. But, managing a business Facebook account for your startup requires constant monitoring and interacting, to not allow your followers to feel disengaged or neglected. Facebook is a great way to promote products, news and promotions, if that is important to your business, then Facebook should be your first focus.

Instagram - highly visual and less "informative" initially. If your business and products are able to tell a story better initially with visuals instead of words, Instagram is a must and should be your initial focus. Use dynamic colors and posts that will grab attention and build your presence into something followers look forward to seeing with each post. Engagement and responsiveness is just as important.

Twitter - more informative and less visual. While it's possible to incorporate both of these into a Twitter presence, this works best when information is critical to your business. Interaction and information is the lifeblood of Twitter and it requires active participation to build your desired image through moderation of both.

Pinterest - similar to Instagram, much more visual than information-based. While Pinterest is limited to static images, do not underestimate the effectiveness of how it drives traffic to your product and brand. If you have a product or products, or a brand that can get people excited by images and visual presentation, Pinterest is a must, especially if you have products you are able to demonstrate and showcase without instructional text or much explanation.

Bottomline: don't feel like you need to immediately have a dozen different social media accounts for your newly created business. As with everything, building your social footprint takes time. Focus your efforts early into one or two platforms that fit your brand and mission. But, even with one or two to focus on, daily engagement and interaction is a must. If you're unable to consistently engage and interact with your followers, you may as well not have any social media attached to your business at all!

Happy social media-ing!

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