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Two MUSTS When Building Your Startup's Website

Whether you're starting your own business with the goal of selling a few items, or you're launching a concept with the goal of opening multiple franchises across the country, your newly-minted endeavor MUST have an effective online presence. Period.

While developing a successful, digital footprint is fluid and ever-changing, there are a few quick and simple tweaks you can do with your startup's website to make them more user-friendly, more efficient, flow more easily, and thus, bring in more traffic to your site and business.

Optimize your site for the mobile user

Let's be honest, how are you viewing this article right now? Are you on your desktop or are you on mobile? Think of your daily interactions with the sites you visit the most. How much time is spent viewing articles and stories on desktop versus mobile? Can you think of a time you viewed a page on desktop and then while viewing the same page on mobile, things just didn't flow correctly? Maybe page items were cutoff or didn't align properly? Maybe the menu or picture you saw on desktop didn't even exist on the mobile site? Many people build a stellar desktop version of their first website for their startup but completely negate the mobile version of the same page. Website builders such as GoDaddy, Wordpress and WIX are realizing this need and have all launched various way to edit and view the mobile version of the desktop website being created. Do not forget to use these functions and never underestimate the power and importance of building for the mobile experience! It makes a huge difference!

Use call to action buttons

Call to action buttons are vital to driving traffic to your end result. Whether you want to funnel and guide visitors to a sale, or a call, or a physical visit to your brick and mortar, creating that experience for them of pursuing whatever you are offering can't be overlooked. Throughout your website, no matter the scroll area or page, should always have a call to action button visible. These can all be different buttons, using bright color and trigger words to draw people in and to get them to click to see what's next! Words like, "click here," "shop," "contact," "see how," and any other actionable words you can use will always guide and funnel your user to the page or desired action. Think of it this way: visitors to your startup's website won't perform a single action on their own unless YOU ask for them to do so. Guide them to where you want them to go and make it as easy as possible for them!

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