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Digital Signage & Video Marquees with photo booth

Sidewalk and in-store digital, video marquees with free-to-use promotional photo booth for customers

Avaliable for your business and events in the Nashiville area 

Eye-catching, state-of-the-art, VIDEO MARQUEES that draw attention to you & your business. Drive traffic in the door with our FULL MOTION/VIDEO, digital sidewalk ads, tailored to your business, logo, sales, products & brand. Capture more leads & add to your client list as customers use the FREE PHOTO BOOTH set up with our digital signage--instantly sharing across social media platforms and other marketing tools to up your digital presence and increase brand/store awareness!

Video Marquee Sidewalk Ads Created for You 

Our creative team will design  full-motion, looping video content, tailored to your request with your business logos, sale information, events, promotions, etc, to run on the video marquees that can be placed at the storefront, on sidewalks and/or inside your business for maximum impact and visibility.

Utilize Our Free Photo Booth

As an additional method to drive foot traffic into your location, our free-to-use photo booth will be set up in your store for customers to use. Users will be able to instantly receive their photos through text, email, and share directly on all of their social media accounts from the photo booth; all photos taken will be branded with your company or designated logo; you also will have complete access to all photos taken by customers to be able to share on your social media platforms, garnering more brand awareness and enhancing social media campaigns.

More Sales and Qualified Leads

In addition to seeing an immediate increase in foot traffic coming through your doors as they're drawn to the custom video ads playing outside and in, the free-to-use photo booth is a fun and unique way for customers to interact with your brand/store/product. You will also be provided trackable and tangible customer information (name, email, phone) to be able to follow up and add to your qualified lead list with people you know have been into your store and had the unique, interactive experiences above.

Continued Promotions

Use our model for special events, sales, promotions, or just to set yourself apart from your competition in unique and exciting ways. Promote across your social media and other advertising outlets and let your followers know when you'll have marquees and photo booths present as a way to generate excitement and awareness.  We will promote your events across all of our platforms before/during/after, as well, ensuring maximum visibility & additional exposure for your brand and business.

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